1. This dress looks like GALAXY.
The model needs to smile though!
find is here:

    So you know what that means? MANY MANY proms/formals/semis

    And I wanna see ALL the pictures!
    please submit them, right here on my page or e-mail to totallyprom@yahoo.com

    Have fun tonight prom queens, and be safe<3



    ps. I promise I am not ignoring your asks, I just don’t have a lot of time right now, and I don’t want to give you a rushed answer. Hang in there prom queens, I’ll make sure you look fierce<3

  3. natural &amp; fresh

    natural & fresh

  4. SUBMIT <3

    I want to see all your pretty formal/prom looks from this weekend, last month or years ago! Your hair, your shoes, nails anything! Please e-mail photos to totallyprom@yahoo.com

    or just use the submit button right here on the page!

    Show off your look, and inspire others! 

    Happy mother’s day!